Author : Eight Slate

Entrepreneur. Stylist. Photographer. These are adjectives used to describe Savina Chai, but she is a woman that does not contain herself within those boundaries.

5 minutes into the conversation and you will be fully convinced that she is a person with an individualistic sense of style brimming with humble confidence. She parts with insights of what contributed to her success to date as a businesswoman, as well as an influencer. While many try to replicate outfits as seen on their Instagram feed, Savina sees fashion as an outlet for self-expression and curate hers into one with her own unique aesthetic.

At times, we tend to forget that with all the glamour and buzz of the fashion industry in the Instagram-sphere, hard work is the key essence in creating solid content worth delving into. As the sole founder behind her own label Eight Slate, she makes sure that each and every day is put into full use, and her daily routine consists of waking up diligently at 9am and starting it right with a hearty breakfast followed by Pilates and then moving onto her to-do list for the day. As an influencer, there is so much more that goes behind the sponsored events and her elegantly chic Instagram feed. To produce quality content for her clients, Savina makes sure to spend the night editing her images and articles after a long day of shoot.

A true epitome of a modern Singaporean woman, she serves as a reminder that you receive results based on how much effort you are willing to put in, and that possessing confidence is the real beauty in life. Needless to say, we left this dreamy vintage hut feeling totally inspired and in awe of this twenty-two year old.

Shot by Savina herself, words by Claire Ngan

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