How to: Wear Bold Ruffles the Right Way

Author : Dinie Aryal

Don’t worry, you will never look ruff around the edges when you wear ruffles. At least, not this season. Ever since the 16th century, ruffles – no matter how bold or condensed – has always had a touch of elegance and drama that allows the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re thinking that ruffles, in general, are a little ‘too vintage’ for your liking, you’ll be surprised to discover how these bold ruffles have the ability twist that comment when you fashion them right. No matter what kind of ruffled look you’re going for, it’s crucial that the bold ruffles accents your look most desirably.

And, here are some inspiration how of you can carry bold ruffles in your outfits:

The most convenient and advantageous reason for wearing ruffles is that it is an accessory by itself. For an instance, if the ruffle design is closer to your neck, you can forego bulky necklaces and still don a look that is effortless yet deliberate. You may pull back your hair to show off a Ruffled Toga Top, pair it with black pants and pump shoes that are in complementary colour.

Ruffles is a great way to inject personality into your work attire. Pair a ruffled hem skirt with a delicate coloured blouse and matching heels – this marries elegance and sophistication while adding some excitement into your dressing. Time to freshen up your wardrobe and ditch the plain pencil skirt you have been over wearing!

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